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Bits Box Review

Monday’s in our house during the summertime are spent re-cooperating from our busy-filled weekends.  I keep Monday’s low-key, and I really like it that way.  The kids watch a movie, do a craft, and keep busy with quiet activities, such as Bits Box .

Bits Box is a subscription box that offers kids a hip fun way to learn; while discovering the ever popular world of coding. If your child(ren) finds interest in challenges, and loves science mixed with computer technology, then this is a must have for your home.

Bits Box introduces a learning system that teaches kids how to code.  The earlier you introduce them, the easier it becomes to understand. As long as your child(ren) can read and write, they can get started with this coding app.  In our fast paced, high-tech growing world,  I see this as a huge benefit to our kids.  I love that it feels like a “game”, but is packed with education, while encouraging challenging the mind.

The subscription box comes with everything you need to get started! Each box offers several different coding card themes with coding directions, and other little fun goodies.  There are a few different options to select from.

Option 1: Basic Bits Box  this box includes app project coding cards that change monthly, in addition to a custom Bits Box trapper keeper binder to store the cards in, along with some fun extras like stickers & tattoos.  This box runs $29.95/monthly with FREE shipping to all US customers.

Option 2: Deluxe Bits Box this box includes app project coding cards that change monthly, a custom Bits Box trapper keeper binder to store the cards in, collectible trading cards, as well as fun extras such as – stickers, tattoos, and toy.  This box runs $44.95/monthly with FREE shipping to all US customers.

Option 3: Digital Bits Box  This offers the same app project as the box subscriptions, but the content arrives via email instead.  You can easily and conveniently  print the app project coding cards out, or work on screen.  This option is great for those who don’t want waste, while being the most eco-friendly.  Great  for customers outside the U.S. (no expensive shipping!) This runs $19.95/monthly.

My daughter who is 10, has loved playing around with this.  The cards encourage your child to change the provided codes, and have them create their own instead.  Change the background, sounds, and characters. The options are endless, and provide hours of fun while learning.

{Disclaimer: I received this product in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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Beddy’s Bed Review

We decided to makeover our boys’ room a few Springs ago. The twins were getting older, and needed to have their own bed space. The challenge that came with that, was that we only have one room for all three of our boys! Although it is a nice and decent size, I had to make the decision on whether I wanted to take up the entire room with separate beds, or to save space and go with bunk beds for the time being.

After careful thought and consideration, we chose to go with full over full bunks. That way the boys would still have space for their toys, and room to play. Being that the twins are still young, and have always shared a bed {twin bond strong}, we figured it wouldn’t be a big deal to have them share for a few more years.

One thing I did not take into consideration upon purchasing the bunk beds, was the hassle they would bring later on, when making the beds! Talk about an all-out war! You know what I am talking about, if you own bunk beds! Climbing into the top bunk, pulling and tugging, working up a sweat, and coming close to letting some curse words fly out of your mouth. Yeah. No fun…

Well, after I vented one day, a friend reached out and told me about a company that would relive me of all my problems. That’s when I dropped everything I was doing at that time, and punched in Beddys Bed into my web browser. Hallelujah! I found it! A brilliant bed set that would solve all of my problems!

I received the Nautical Navy Set and was beyond ecstatic to get it on the bed! It was so easy to put on, it made the old days of making the beds feel like a total breeze! I love that the you just simply slide the Beddy over your mattress top, and tuck in the elastic sides underneath, to secure it in place. Zip on your top cover, which also serves as your blanket, with a cozy and soft Minky underside.

If you have bunk beds and are sick of struggling to make the bed Daily, or just are looking for an easier bed solution for your kid to take care of on their own, then Beddy’s Bed is for you!

{Disclaimer: I recieved this product in return for an honest review. All thoughts and oponions are my own.}


Red, White, and Blue! It’s Fourth of July Soon…

I can almost feel it, can you? The energy, the fun, the grill smoking, laughter, it’s what American summers are all about! Over the years I have grown to love Independence Day, more and more. It’s like a giant celebration of all things summer! Bringing everyone together to enjoy one another’s company.

The last few years now, we have made an annual tradition since the kids have all gotten a bit older. The week before Fourth of July, we pack up in the car, and set off on an unknown scenic drive across the border, for some fireworks. Every year is different. Where we end up is always unknown, which makes it all the more fun!

We stop at unique and interesting places we seek out along the way. The surprise factor keeps it fun and exciting, not knowing what we might find, or where we all will exactly stop? It’s just the best!

This year I got a head start on the fun, thanks to Targets $ Spot! I went slightly wild, and found a few festive items that I just had to have. When the price is right, how can you say no? My favorite were the kids’ Cat and Jack outfits, paired with the fun patriotic sunglasses.

Below I will share {5} fun things you can do, to create a memorable Fourth of July with your family and kids!

1) Create these Fun drinks! I have been making these drinks for a few years now. The kids just LOVE them!

2) Draw some sidewalk art & do a mini photo shoot!

3) Camp out with blankets & pillows, while you wait for the big show to start! Don’t forget the glow sticks!

4) Get crafty! These Salt Firework paintings are lots of fun!

5) Start your morning off with a festive breakfast! These pancakes are easy to make, and fill the tummies.

There you have it! Simple, easy, and so much fun!

What are some of your Fourth of July traditions?

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Picasso Tiles Review: 136 Piece S.T.E.A.M. Building Block Set

Science  Technology  Engineering  Art  Mathamatics = Steam.  Picasso Tiles does it again, with this double award winning magnetized set.  This is a  HOT must have item, in all parents homes!


This set is not only fun, but also full of learning, imagination, creativity, and endless hours of playtime.  You will find that it comes with two car truck bases that you can create on.  There are 66 different clip in cards that have images on both sides!  From the alphabet, to numbers (including roman numerals), symbols, cool crafty art pieces filled with different designs, along with two light up L.E.D. pieces, is everything you’ll find included with this livley and entertaining set.


Your child will find the pieces visually asthetic.  From visual learning, to color recognition, motor skill, gemoeterical shapes, mathamatics, number counts, 3D design, structual engineering, and even periodic time table elements! There are so many things to love about this toy.  This learn by play set enables limitless playing opportunity.

The clip in frames are easily interchangable with little effort.  Simply pop them in or out, to change up what you are building.  Want to take this off the floor?  No problem! They can be played with on the fridge or any magnet board surface, as well.

My boys have had so much fun building and tinkering around with this toy.  I appreciate that there are so many different learning variables, so I can teach them while we play.  For more information on this set check out Picasso Tiles website


Learn, Laugh, Play! Get on the floor with your little ones today!

{Disclaimer: I was given this item in return for an honest review.  All thoughts and oponions are my own.}

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Lakeshore Learning Product Review

Summer has gotten off to a rocky start here in the Midwest.  For some reason the weather pattern cannot get it quite together. It has made for some, what seems like, never-ending indoor days!

Let’s just say it has put us all in quite the antsy mode, so to speak.  I have had to cleverly wrack my brain for ideas and things to do, to keep these four kiddos of mine busy!  We all know what happens when you don’t…

Lakeshore Learning helped save the day for this mama, when a big brown package showed up on my doorstep.  The kids were rather quite excited, and ripped into it, in no time.  I mean, can you really blame them?  Inside the box they were surprised with three different products to test out.

Below I will share those three prodcuts with you, and what we loved about each of them.  Be sure to visit Lakeshore Learning’s Website to shop these neat items, and more!



  • What We Loved:  These magnectic tiles were a HUGE hit with my kids! With 46 pieces of colorful patterns, there was enough for each kid to build and create their own design, or work together as one.  The blocks have neat magnets built into the edges, so you can stick them together from any side or angle, making so many fun and endless options. You will find that the magnets are very strong, and hold together nicely.  No tantrum fits were thrown with these, because they wouldn’t hold together, or just fell apart. Kids of all ages can enjoy playing! Recommended Age: 3-8 years.  However, even my 10 year old daughter loves to build and create with these.


  • What We Loved: When the weather won’t cooperate outside, mold & play sand will come to save the day!  We have tried many mold sand sets, and I have to say, this by far has been the best!  It comes with a generous amount of molding sand, which I love, because my kids are downright messy!  It also has a large and sturdy tray that helps with keeping the sand in rather than out. You will find many options for molds, to build and create your own magical castle!  Feeling a little more creative?  They also include sculpting tools to provide more fine details.  Recommended Age: 3-8 years.  Again, this can expand beyond that age range.  My 10 year old also enjoyed plaything with this set as well.


  • What We Loved: Ready, Set, Learn!  This find the letter activity set, is a fantastic way to introduce the alphabet to your little ones!  With the twins soon approaching five, we have been practicing hard to prepare them for kindergarten.  My boys loved the hands on exploring this set offered.  They enjoyed hunting and finding the matching letter, to complete each of their activity cards.  I was surprised how easily and quickly they caught onto the promts.  The fun sensory “treasure box” makes it feel more like a game, than actual learning.  Recomended Age: 3-6 years.  This set does have very small plastic pellets, so I definitely wouldn’t introduce this any sooner, due to possible choking hazards.

So there you have it! I love Lakeshore Learning for many reasons.  Their products are top of the line, and help with creative thinking and processing.  Toys that are fun, yet teach at the same time, are huge win in my mama book!   What kind of toys do you look for, when shopping for your kid(s)?

Until Next Time…

{Disclaimer: I was given these items in return for an honest review on each product.  All thoughts and oponions are my own.}

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We Craft Box Review

Rainy days… love them or hate them?  We have seemed to have had quite a few of them in a row lately.  Unfortunately, it’s made for some really antsy kids, who constantly need something to do, in order to keep them entertained and out of trouble. We Craft Box helps with just that. They offer a monthly kid craft box subscription, that is perfectly curated with a theme. Inside of the box you will find pre-selected craft material, and items to help create a fun, one of kind masterpiece.


My kids absolutely love arts & crafts!  On most days, you’ll likely find one of them digging through our art closet.  I like having it filled with different options for them to choose from.  This box is especially nice, because it takes all the work out for myself and my kiddos.  They can simply open it up, and get right to crafting!  Everything is all ready for them to start using & creating.


We Craft Box covers all the basics for kids to enjoy each and every project they create!  You will find that they offer different options to fit your prefrence.  Whether it be a single craft box, or a monthly and beyond subscription, you’ll be sure to find something your kid will love to get their hands on!  What will you create today?

We Craft Box Infographic 2018


{Disclaimer: I was given one subscription box, in return for an honest review.  All thoughts and oponions are my own.}

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Picasso Tiles Toy Review: Bristle Shape 3D STEM Building Block Tiles ‘Farm’ Theme Set.

We recently recieved this fun building set from Picasso Tiles toys.  My boys have thorougly enjoyed playing with it.  They have pulled it out many of times, while laying on the floor, creating different things with them.  It has surprisingly held their short attention spans, as they often hop from one thing to the next.


The set is full of bright & bold colors, that trigure your eye.  They have  cute little farm animals and characters, that bring this set to life.  Kids can go wild with their imaginations, while playing and building.  It’s easy to see why it has won the best creative fun award!


I really love how easy the bristle blocks interlock into each other, making this a wide age-range toy.  My twins who are 4, can easily build and create on their own, with no help needed.  This is huge for me, as it allows them something to do, while I have to tend to my mom chore duties.


I highly reccomend this set.  It’s a great educational toy, that explores imagination and recreational play.  Kids will find it entertaning, as they build endless creations!  Find yours at Picasso Tiles or Amazon today!

{Disclaimer: I was provided this set for an honest review.  All thoughts and oponions are my own.}


Summer 2018

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Can you feel it?  The days are getting longer, greenery is everywhere, and it’s beginning to look and feel a lot like summer! Summer is my favorite time of the year.  Living in the Midwest, winters can be long and brutal.  Days start to feel endless, and old man winter always seems to have the last laugh.  When I can finally say goodbye to the cold days, I feel my mood and energy instantly shift to happiness and peace.

With summer fast approaching {T-Minus 2 days for us here}, comes another part that many mom’s don’t look so forward to… B R E A K.  Yep, school is out for the summer!  Which leaves many mom’s in a frantic state, wondering what and how they can keep their kids busy, and their own minds sane for the next several weeks.  I have talked with many mom’s, who have shared that they just can’t handle the chaos.  Some send their kids off to summer camp, others fill up on every and any summer community activitiy they can find.  Maybe even still using daycare for an emergency outlet.

However, I am here to let you in on a little secret… summer break can be F U N!  It doesn’t have to be filled with crazy, unruly children, hanging from the dining room chandiler. Or, kitchen counters splattered with milk, and piles of cereal that missed the bowls for breakfast. I have learned some great things on how to stay sane & have fun, while the kiddos are off for the summer.

Below I will share with you exactly how I plan out our summer’s.  Tips that have helped me, and hopefully will help you, too!


T I P # 1: Find a daily themed schedule that works for you.  Every year I like to change things up, and select different theme days.  This helps take the monotony out of expecting the same thing year after year.  Some days do remain the same, such as the Friday Family Fun Day.  This is because these days are one’s where I plan a fun activity, that is always something different. Click below for our summer daily schedule.

Summer Schedule

T I P #2: Utilize FREE/CHEAP community events, hosted throughout the summer.  This is so helpful in keeping the kids entertained.  Depending on where you live, and how big of a community; you’d be surprised to find the amount of things offered during summer break.


Some of our favorites are:

  1. Our local library who hosts an amazing summer reading program, along with a variety of activities.  The kids always look forward to it every summer.
  2. Movie Theatre – Summer movie series.  I have seen more and more theatre’s partcipate in these fun, and cheap kid movie days.  They typically are held weekly, mid-morning, and tickets are around $1-$2.  A bag of popcorn, and some drinks, and this makes for a great in-expensive outing!
  3. Town water parks often have cheap or discounted rates, for those who live in the community.  I found over a handful of days throughout the summer, where admission was as little as $2.50/pp.
  4. Park & Rec activties.  I absolutley love our park & rec!  They are constantly putting out free and fun opportunities, to bring the community together.  A new one for our summer this year, is something called Rec on the go!  They will travel to local parks, and bring arts & crafts, sports, and games for everyone to get involved in.  How cool is that?
  5. Visiting all the different parks we can find!  Who doesn’t love a good playground day?  It lets the kids burn off all their energy, while mom can connect with other mom’s, or have a bit of peace to herself.  Maybe, if feeling adventerous, you’ll find your inner fun and join your kids, too!

T I P # 3: Print off a monthly & weekly calendar, to write out your plans and activities to help stay organized and in routine.  Pinterest is my go-to for free printable goodies!  Below I have linked the two calenders I enjoy using to plan our summer out.

‘This Week’ Printable

Monthly Summer Calendar      

Using these few tips, definitley will help fill up those long summer days!  Make sure to stay tuned throughout the summer, as I share our days with you.  Also be sure to follow me over on Pinterest! for inspiring ideas, and activities for summer fun.


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Until Next Time…

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Owl Crate Jr. Review

Does your child love to read?  Do they find fascination in magic and wonder? If so, then they will love Owl Crate Jr.!  This by far, has to be one of my top favorite monthly subscription boxes out there.  Plans start at 27.99 USD + shipping, and go up from there, depending on what you select.  They offer monthly, 3 month prepay, or 6 month prepay options.

My daughter developed a strong love for reading, early on in her life.  I have always felt that instilling the importance of reading, was something high on my mom priority list. Nowadays, you’ll often find her curled up somewhere cozy with a book in hand.  That’s why I knew she would just LOVE this box subscription!


Inside of the box you will find one hard cover young adult novel, along with 3-5 other book type keepsakes.  The items are truly one of a kind and fun! The themes they create for each box, will leave you excitedly anticipating the next!


They dedicate their time searching high and low, for unique pieces, including special goodies from the author!


Owl Crate Jr. makes for a fantastic gift idea, for any 8-12 year old child in your life.  Head on over to their website, and have a look around.  Make sure to use code: LIFEWITHTWINS to receive 10% off your first order.  Subscribe Today!

{Disclaimer: I was provided these items, for a honest review of their services. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}


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Play Shifu! Review of the Orboot Globe.

Have you played shifu?  If you haven’t, you are definitely missing out! Play Shifu has some amazing toy products, that your kids will absolutely adore.  We recently tested out their 10″ augmented reality smart globe.  This is most certainly not your typical, ordinary globe!  This globe comes to life with the use of a smart device, such as; an IOS, Kindle, or Android tablet/phone. The globe comes with a fun kids play passport, stamp, stickers, and guide, that make this toy feel all the more real.


I found the globe very easy to put together.  It screws into the base, and is ready to go within seconds!  To bring the globe to life (where the real magic happens!) you simply download the ‘Orboot: AR globe by playshifu’ app, in the app store. The app is very user friendly, even for younger children.  My children’s ages range from 4-10.  They all were able to follow and understand the directions given.

To start the learning fun, you simply scan the globes tag points, and it will pop up different live images for you to tap and select more information on.  Whether it be animals, monuments, cuisines, inventions, arts, culture, maps, climates, or more… there is something for everyone to learn about!


My kids thoroughly enjoy playing with Play Shifu’s Orboot Globe.  They love learning new things, and seeing it actually come to life!  As a mom, you really can’t help but fall in love yourself! With so much information and learning packed into it, it’s a win-win for all. If you’re interested in getting the Play Shifu’s Orboot Globe, you can purchase your very own, on Amazon

{Disclaimer: I was given the product to try out, in return for a review of my honest opinion.  All words are my own, in addition to my thoughts on it.}

Until next time…

~ Life With Twins Plus 2