1. The scariest hood I’ve ever gone through! {Literally, you see how funny it is, when your OBGYN says: Surprise! You’re having twins! And, the kicker – you already have 2 kids!!}
  2. Coming to terms that my house will never be clean again – even to my ridiculously low standards, which is pretty embarrassingly low… {Also, the reason why I can’t e v e r have nice things.}
  3. My mind constantly feels like someone dumped the kitchen junk drawer onto a trampoline, and it won’t ever stop bouncing! {Add in 99+ tabs open at all times.}
  4. I am seriously one nervous breakdown away, with a side of anxiety coming up, mixed in with parts of uncontrollable rage = always going unnoticed by my loving family. {Yeah, don’t pretend like you don’t go from Mary Poppins in the morning, to Curella Deville by evening. We are all just one short fuse away, from exploding into a big fat mess! Speaking of such, is it wine o’ clock, yet?}
  5. Realizing my mother was right about E V E R Y T H I NG! {Don’t ever take your mother for granted again! This shit isn’t easy…}